Failure Analysis

In today’s market, increased demands are placed on operating plants to become more efficient and cost effective. At Allan R. Nelson Engineering, we understand the need to ensure equipment operates at its optimum performance during its entire lifecycle.

Drilling Rig Failures


We have professionals on staff with diverse experience in maintenance engineering. We perform “root cause” failure analysis on equipment to effectively establish corrective solutions. Whether the job entails a design review of equipment, or a suitability assessment of equipment, our approach is tailored to our customers’ needs.


We provide equipment assessments and failure analysis for the following:

Bullet Drill and service rig equipmentFailure Analysis

Bullet Rotating equipment  vibration problems

Bullet Machinery for the mining, construction,
Spacerforestry and petroleum industries 

Bullet Original equipment manufacturers (OEM)
Spacerindependent design reviews and fitness for use analysis

Bullet Pumping systems analysisMetal Cracking

Bullet Troubleshooting recurring equipment problems

Bullet Failure Analysis of equipment for law firms

Our computer modeling techniques extend to dynamic simulations of rotating equipment and their supporting structures to fully understand equipment vibration and associated effects on equipment life. This enables Allan R. Nelson Engineering to perform timely “what-if” scenarios to either extend equipment life or improve an existing design.